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What Happened to JTS? Jump the Shark?

The term "Bone the Fish" was created in direct reference to TV Guide parent Gemstar. Sometime in 2006, Jon Hein decided to sell the website known as "Jump the Shark" or "JumptheShark.com". Hein sold his company, Jump The Shark, Inc., to Gemstar (owners of TV Guide) on June 20, 2006 for "over $1 million". After Jon Hein sold it he went to work with Howard Stern. Some Howard Stern staff have speculated that the site sold closer to $5-$10 million, however. We like to say that was the point in time when the website Jump the Shark "Boned the Fish".

Around January/February 2009, Gemstar decided to redesign the website. With this new redesign they decided to scrap all the old content and make JTS a redirect to there gossip blog site. Some argue that this is the point in time when the website "Boned the Fish".

It was a complete slap in the face to the jumptheshark.com community. The icing on the cake was Gemstar had the audacity to redirect the old JTS site to a subdirectory of TVGuide.com, basically they bought page views looking for Jumptheshark.com. To show how clueless they are, they went about titling some of their blog columns "shark bites" and "dancing with the sharks" to get more readers.

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Jumptheshark.com has now jumped itself! The irony!

  • TVGuide - the channel - is a celebrity gossip channel.
  • TvGuide.com is a celebrity gossip site, with TV listings sprinkled in here and there.
  • Tvguide.com/jumptheshark (yes, they redirected jumptheshark.com to that subdirectory) is a NEW gossip page.

Jumping the Shark

Jumping the shark is a colloquialism coined by Jon Hein and used by TV critics and fans to denote that point in a TV show or movie series' history where the plot veers off into absurd story lines or out-of-the-ordinary characterizations, particularly for a show with falling ratings apparently becoming more desperate to draw viewers in. In the process of undergoing these changes, the TV or movie series loses its original appeal. Shows that have "jumped the shark" are typically deemed to have passed their peak.

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