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Anne Hathaway - Celebrities
I first fell in love with Anne Hathaway in March 2005 after seeing "Ella Enchanted". Later on, I saw as many movies as I could of hers, from the mega-successful "Princess Diaries" to obscure ones such as "Nicholas Nickleby". She came very close to shark jumping when that boyfriend of hers got imprisoned for stealing money from the Catholic church. However, the true JTS moment came when I saw the preview for "Love and Other Drugs". I get that she won't always do family-friendly roles, but that doesn't mean they need to have a flat-out obscene preview for a movie of hers during a family show like "Dancing with the Stars". Suffice it to say, I very well might be abandoning Anne soon in favor of Victoria Justice. -- Submitted By: (RebelOfSociety) on January 4, 2011, 6:45 am

American Idol - TV Shows
Let me preface this by saying that I became a fan of "American Idol" around the time of Season Six, so all the stuff about Kelly, Justin, Clay, Ruben, Carrie and all them I only heard about on the news. That said, there were some moments in the seasons I watched where it came closer and closer to BTFing. The whole Sanjaya thing was a bit ridiculous, but, seriously, is he any worse of a singer than a lot of "artists" that were popular with kids at the time? I didn't like the fact that Adam Lambert wasn't the winner; I liked his style of music much better than anyone on there, especially Kris Allen. I still have Adam's covers of "Black or White" and "Mad World" on my iPod to this day. I have nothing against Ellen DeGeneres, but I don't think she should be judging a singing competition. It seems like she was just added for ratings. The biggest problem, though, was the results of this past season. Although Lee DeWyze, Crystal "Mama Sox" Bowersox and Casey James were talented, they were just not in the same league as some of the others, especially Siobhan Magnus. Apparently, I'm not alone in my love for Siobhan; this article says that, after Miss Magnus' elimination, "Idol" dropped to its lowest ratings since the FIRST SEASON: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/05/05/american-idol-gets-lowest_n_564675.html I'm not sure who ran Siobhan's fan page on Facebook, but many fans (including me) blame him/her for Magnus' exit, because he/she put Aaron Kelly's number INSTEAD of Siobhan's! After that, and the almost complete overhaul of the judges, I don't know if I can bring myself to watch "Idol" this coming season. As good as it (allegedly) was in the beginning, I think it's on its last leg. BTW: This is my first post on this site. Please let me know if the style of my post was inappropriate. -- Submitted By: (RebelOfSociety) on October 3, 2010, 7:56 pm


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