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Family Guy started out as a fairly transparent Simpsons clone, attempting to strike a balance between plot, character development and gags. The show's only real new feature was the random anecdotal cutaways, which was funny when used moderately. Even when a cutaway wasn't funny, they were infrequent enough to where you could still follow the plot, which followed the traditional Simpsons domestic family arc. In short, it was pretty good and pretty funny. I bought the DVDs. Something in the process of finding a cult following on Adult Swim and getting picked back up by FOX solely based on DVD sales (which was, admittedly, unheard of at the time) caused Seth McFarlane to become the world's biggest douchebag. When FOX brought the show back, it was a staggeringly poor parody of itself. It was like Seth McFarlane sat down and decided to reboot the entire series and rewrite every single character and plotline as a John Waters experiment in transgressive theater, like a gruesome, mean-spirited caricature of itself. All actual plot development was replaced with long sequences of random cutaways, which rapidly became both incredibly unfunny and extremely disorienting. All organic humor was replaced with a fratboy-friendly blend of bloody slapstick and wildly transgressive sexual/scatological cries for attention. In a nutshell, Family Guy has become like a mentally retarded clown exposing himself to a crowd and getting a combination of nervous, pitying laughter and stunned silence in response. Eventually people will stop caring and being shocked and the clown will go away and die somewhere and nobody will remember his name. -- Submitted By: (paladin9) on April 23, 2010, 9:25 pm


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