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Twisted Sister - Music Groups
The first records on that small UK label were OK, but once they started recording for Atlantic the records just sounded hackneyed and forced. The live show started to turn into a parody of itself - if you saw TS in say '79 you couldn't find a harder rocking show on the Long Island circuit, but by '82 it had gotten stale. -- Submitted By: (VoxMysteron) on February 19, 2010, 10:00 pm

Zebra - Music Groups
Saw Zebra many times on Long Island at places like Speaks and Hammerheads. Definitely one of the best bands on the NY/LI/NJ circuit - no one did a better Zeppelin cover (well, maybe Rat Race Choir, but they were more prog-y than Zebra). Nice thing about the first album was that their show-stoppers like "La La Song" and "Take Your Fingers From My Hair" were on there, it was all recognizable and sounded just like the live shows. The second album just didn't have the same energy and recognition factor. -- Submitted By: (VoxMysteron) on February 19, 2010, 9:56 pm

Beach Boys, The - Music Groups
After Blondie Chaplin and Ricky Fataar left the touring band around '74-'75, the live show became just an oldies revival act - no more interesting stuff from "Holland" or "Surf's Up" in addition to "I Get Around" et al. The ill-fated "Brian Is Back" campaign, combined with the really mediocre live shows at the time, as well as the horrendous "15 Big Ones" and "MIU Album" releases relegated the Beach Boys to the oldies circuit. -- Submitted By: (VoxMysteron) on February 19, 2010, 9:51 pm


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