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Wheel of Fortune - TV Shows
Throughout the small gimmicks thrown in here and there (i.e., The Double Play wedges, themed weeks, the Wild Card, the Million Dollar Wedge, Free Play, etc.), the basic core premise of the show and gameplay is still there and has remained strong for more than 30 years. Spin the random wheel of chance, call a letter, win some great money and/or prizes. -- Submitted By: (markiemark6891) on August 29, 2011, 11:43 am

American Idol - TV Shows
This show is one of those shows I just never understand what is so popular about it. Most of the winners are just there for their 15 minutes of fame and don't even stay on top of the music charts for very long. The only thing worth watching is the pre-season auditions when the judges are putting down some of the people who really deserve it. Other than that this show is boring, Boring, BORE-ING! And to make matters worse now we have tons of lame reality shows...about singing competitions. Yeeeesh! Good grief! -- Submitted By: (markiemark6891) on August 29, 2011, 11:35 am

That '70s Show - TV Shows
That '70s Show started off as a great retro-based sitcom much like Happy Days did. But as the run went on the show made the '70s retro references more of a background for the show's silly, irrelevant plots in the middle seasons. This show could've had a never boned moment but all the unnecessary changes doomed it. The penultimate BtF was when Topher Grace left the series after S7. The show was primarily centered around his character and when he left, part of the show went too. The 8th season could've been good (due to the fact that it gave more of the surrounding cast members more to work with) but thanks to the Randy character the 8th season was kind of wishy-washy on and off. And the episode where they had Donna and Randy making out in Eric's old bedroom was just classless. -- Submitted By: (markiemark6891) on August 29, 2011, 11:27 am

Michael Richards - Celebrities
It's one thing to drop one "N" bomb. But to drop tons of "N"-bombs, that was going over the line. The two hecklers involved were no better than this guy's "N"-bomb rampage. As for Michael Richards, good luck to him because he's gonna need the luck he can get now that his actions made his own ship sink even further into the boning fishwaters. -- Submitted By: (markiemark6891) on August 29, 2011, 11:00 am

Doug - TV Shows
The Nick version of Doug was great! After Nick canned it and ABC/Disney picked up the show for new episodes, at first I was excited about it but then looking back it at now, I can plainly see why the Disney version stunk so badly and why Billy West (the original voice of Doug on the Nick version) greatly detested Disney's Doug. Advancing the kids from like 5th grade to Junior High, Doug gets a little sister in Dirtbike (whom, IMO didn't mind much) but the other changes were unnecessary (i.e. Patti stops wearing the skirts and even cut her hair short, Roger goes from a bully living in the slums who sometimes you can't help but sorry for at times to his and his family winning the lottery and living rich and becomes far less of the bully that he was on the Nick version, Connie went from a chubby cute girl to a somewhat stuck-up skinny girl, Mr. Dink's wife becomes mayor, etc., etc., etc.). -- Submitted By: (markiemark6891) on August 29, 2011, 10:37 am

Double Dare - TV Shows
Marc Summers's version was the quintessential kids game show and its the longest-running kids game show for a reason. It's popularity also help put Nickelodeon on the map. When it came back in 2000 as Double Dare 2000, the show was the same as the Family Double Dare Version but there were a few problems. The 1st and obvious one was host Jason Harris. He was waaaaaay too hyper and over-the-top and the 2nd glaring problem was the Triple Dare Challenge in Round 2, which ate up a lot of game-playing time due to Jason Harris's tedious over-explaining the Triple Dare Challenge rules. Otherwise this truly is not only one of the very best kids' game shows of all-time but one of the best game shows produced, period. -- Submitted By: (markiemark6891) on August 28, 2011, 10:26 pm

LeBron James - Celebrities
For the 12 people that voted for "Never Boned" must either be hackers or 12 die-hard LeBron worshippers. I'm sorry but IMO this guy is flawed. And he's shown some arrogance alright. Having his agents confiscating tapes of a kid out-performing him at a Nike basketball event is strike one. Going to the basket and dunking countless times, only to show inconsistencies in his shooting game (especially with clutch jump-shots in crunch time), disappearing in the 4th quarter in games that truly matter and then when things don't go his way goes and blames everyone but himself for his failures and sulking about it (see the end of the 2010 East Finals in Game 5 in Cleveland v. Boston) is strike two. The penultimate icing on the cake was the "Decision Debacle" when LeBron held the NBA and the world in the perverbial chokehold during the 2010 NBA Finals on ESPN, on national TV by wasting everyone's time about the way he made the decision to take his talents to Miami. Granted he has the right to leave his team but to do it on national TV, that showed how much of a d*ck move that really was. And all the hype and hoopla about how him and the Heat were making this party and campaigning about how they're gonna win like what 4, 5, 6 rings or something like that? 1st off, LeBron hasn't even won a damn ring, let alone any MVP's. And when it came to the 2011 NBA Finals, Dallas exposed LeBron and the Heat's flaws. And to think people like ESPN overhype him as the next Michael Jordan? Earth to LeBron, until you ACTUALLY lead a team and WIN A RING (let alone 6 RINGS) you aren't even in the same league or in the same class as Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan stayed with his team and helped make his surrounding cast play better. He didn't bail and jump ship, let alone announce on national TV to go play with Larry Bird or Magic Johnson or even worse: his arch-rivals in The Pistons (whom up until 1991 always beat Jordan in the playoffs) and it took Jordan 7 years to finally win his ring, with the Bulls on top of that. Bob Costas said it best: "There will NEVER BE another Michael Jordan." -- Submitted By: (markiemark6891) on August 27, 2011, 9:16 pm

Weakest Link, The - TV Shows
This WWtbaM clone started off as a fun show but as the weeks went on the catchphrase and Anne Robinson's tough chick persona was waning fast. But the penultimate BtF moment was when they started doing waaaaaaaaay too many celebrity editions on the NBC version. The George Gray syndicated version was a little better, albeit w/ cheaper stakes (a maximum of $75,000 and later upped to $100,000 in the 2nd syndie season) and somewhat easier (due to the reduction from 8 to 6 players and 5 to 3 questions for each player in the final round) and IMO George Gray's hosting was more hilarious than it was with Anne. -- Submitted By: (markiemark6891) on August 25, 2011, 6:05 pm

Green Hornet,The - TV Shows
Never mind the movie, the original TV show was a true arse-kicking machine with Van Williams playing Britt Reed/Green Hornet and the late great martial artist Bruce Lee (in what was one of his 1st American TV exposures) did a superb job playing Kato. Unlike the campiness of the 1960s Batman TV series, Green Hornet had that much darker serious badass tone and IMO GH and Kato would've kicked Batman and Robin's arses. Plus, I also enjoyed their car the Black Beauty as well. -- Submitted By: (markiemark6891) on August 25, 2011, 5:52 pm

Jay Leno - Celebrities
At first I though Jay Leno was a genuinely nice enough guy. But once NBC made him the heir to the throne for "The Tonight Show" from Johnny Carson, this was the beginning of some anti-Leno sentiment and the Leno/Letterman feud. Hell, even the late Johnny Carson himself refused to even appear on any episodes of Leno's Tonight Show. Flash-forward from 18 years after Leno 1st took over from Carson to 2010 and we have the Leno/Conan fiasco, aka the Tonight Show Fiasco II. The mess NBC created during this fiasco w/ the Conan and Leno's Frankenstein of a primetime show ("The Jay Leno Show") further made Leno despised even more than he was in '92 and another embarassment notch for NBC. -- Submitted By: (markiemark6891) on August 22, 2011, 4:50 pm

Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show,The - TV Shows
awful, Awful, AWFUL is all I have to say about this Flintstones spin-off. -- Submitted By: (markiemark6891) on July 9, 2011, 3:50 pm

John Larroquette Show, The - TV Shows
The 1st season of this series had a lot decent dark humor that made it stand out but when NBC decided to interfere, they made the show softer episode by episode once they got rid of the dark humor seen in te 1st season -- Submitted By: (markiemark6891) on July 6, 2011, 1:49 pm

Flintstone Kids, The - TV Shows
The Flintstones Kids were part of a wave of cartoons where the creators made kiddie-versions of their adult counterparts (.i.e., Muppet Babies, Pink Panther & Sons, A Pup Named Scooby Doo, Popeye and Son, Tom and Jerry Kids, and the most recent I could think of: Baby Looney Tunes!) Muppet Babies started this whole craze and was a huge hit. But back to The Flintstone Kids, when I 1st saw this show on the old Family Channel (now ABC Family), I thought it wasn't too bad. Looking at it now, I don't know what was worse The Pebbles and Bam Bam Show or The Flintstones Kids? -- Submitted By: (markiemark6891) on July 3, 2011, 6:06 pm

Smurfs, The - TV Shows
Many people will attest that The Smurfs began their boning when the Smurflings came along. I sort of disagree with that. IMO, some of the later season episodes had more colorful animation than the earlier seasons and made the show a bit more fun. Then more characters came such as Grandpa Smurf, Scruple (who was Gargamel's apprentice starting w/ Season 6 and IMO, MUCH smarter than Gargamel is), Nanny, etc. IMO, the penultimate BtF for the Smurfs was the dreadful 9th season, when instead of the series taking place in Smurf Village, they now began traveling through time. But why the need to collect crystals in every friggin' episode of that 9th season?! The other reason why, IMO the 9th season sucked was b/c they significantly downsized the number of some of the original Smurfs that were around in the previous seasons. By the 9th season, you can tell that the writers for this show was definitely running out of ideas and that The Smurfs were tired out by the time Season 9 came. -- Submitted By: (markiemark6891) on November 27, 2010, 6:55 pm

Jamie Foxx Show, The - TV Shows
The Jamie Foxx Show was hilariou in its 1st several seasons. But it became less fun to watch when Jamie and Fancy tied started dating. -- Submitted By: (markiemark6891) on November 11, 2010, 4:56 pm

Diff'rent Strokes - TV Shows
This show was funy in its 1st several seasons. But later, it became less funny and tired after awhile. It got worse when Mr. Drummond (Conrad Bain) tied the knot to Maggie (1st played by the late Dixie Carter and later on Mary Ann Mobley). The show became less about Mr. D. and his kids (who later turned out to be crooks and drugheads in real life after DS ended). Then they pulled a Cousin Oliver and had that annyoing Sam in the mix. It hit a new HIGH-low when the show, which should've ended by S7 moved to ABC from NBC for its dreadful 8th season. The set was a cheapened and horribly hackneyed version of the NBC-era set,(thanks to NBC's refusal to let ABC use their set and theme song) and the updated theme song SUCKED! I mean it's one thing to update for the mid-80s but that updated theme song was not good. -- Submitted By: (markiemark6891) on September 23, 2010, 10:39 pm

Power Rangers (original) - TV Shows
This is a tough one to call here. The Turbo series is what caused some declining of the original series (IMO). The plots were totally predictable. Why does every episode on the Turbo-series had the Rangers stopping and destroying some detonator the Turbo-series villain Divatox puts in? Then what was so bad was that they even had the galls to replace the whole cast about 2/5 or midway into the Turbo-season without real notice. But by the time Disney (which everytime they take something they inherit they destroy it further) took over, I was done caring because they took PR (which before Disney gained the rights to was already on declining budgets) to new HIGH-lows, thanks to badly recycled scripts from the FOX-eras. The only good Disney PR I actually got into was Dino Thunder (was it?), which was the one where Tommy serves as mentor to the new Rangers and even returned to Ranger form later that season and the one PR that had the episode featuring most to almost all of the Red Rangers past and present. Otherwise, the Disney-era PR didn't help revive my interest in PR too much. -- Submitted By: (markiemark6891) on September 23, 2010, 10:25 pm

Pokemon - TV Shows
The 1st 5 years of Pokemon were worth watching, even though the boned back and forth throughout those 1st 5 years. In the 1st season, this show WAS and IS Pokemon! It had the right balance of comedy and adventure. But those later seasons, not as much. Misty, even though she was a tomboy, she was quite a babe. But after like 2003, when she left the series and brought in two annoying brats named May and Max, combined with the new, lamer Pokemon (with most of their names I can't even remember at all), I totally lost interest in Pokemon. And I do agree that TR's schtick does get annoying after awhile. And when I found that Cartoon Network bought this show and started carrying the new episodes, it did nothing to renew my interest in Pokemon, thanks to the brilliant decision on 4Kids part or whoever was the genius that thought it was brilliant to get rid of all of the original VA's that made Pokemon dun. -- Submitted By: (markiemark6891) on September 23, 2010, 10:14 pm

Family Feud - TV Shows
Up until 1999, this show was one of my favorite game shows growing up. Richard Dawson and Ray Combs were the best Feud hosts (IMO). Louie Anderson was terrible! Most of the time he mumbled and sounded like he didn't want to be there. Richard Karn was better than Louie was in terms of enthusiasm, but in the end he came off as corny and bland. John O'Hurley is easily the most consistent host of all of the current Feud hosts since its return in 1999. -- Submitted By: (markiemark6891) on December 30, 2009, 11:39 am

Jonny Quest - TV Shows
To whoever said the 1980s version was the revival with Jonny and Hadji as teens? Actually, that happened on the '90s version entitled The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. The 1980s was basically the same formula as its 1960s version, except that version had a new character named Hardrock, plus that version was the 1st appearance of Jessie as Race Bannon's long lost daughter and the animation on the 1980s version was different than the 1960s and the 1990s versions. -- Submitted By: (markiemark6891) on December 30, 2009, 11:33 am


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