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FOX News - TV Shows
Yes, they're biased. But anyone who claims the other networks *are not* are deluding themselves. -- Submitted By: (SmoothT) on November 4, 2009, 7:40 am

Charlie Brown Specials - TV Shows
The early ones are great. But they went to the well far too many times. There really is an "It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown" special. But the original Christmas special will always be a timeless classic. -- Submitted By: (SmoothT) on November 4, 2009, 7:28 am

ER - TV Shows
When the cranky doctor lost his arm via helicopter at the beginning of the season, then at the end of the seasonanother helicopter came back to finish the job, I knew it was all over. -- Submitted By: (SmoothT) on November 4, 2009, 7:24 am

WCW Monday Nitro - TV Shows
Just to clarify, while Sting won the title, it was vacated days later, making Sting's win a non-event. -- Submitted By: (SmoothT) on November 4, 2009, 7:11 am

WCW Monday Nitro - TV Shows
While the actual event didn't happen on Nitro, the leadup events did... they had built up Sting's revenge on the NWO for an agonizing 18 months and poised him to finally take down Hogan at Starrcade 1997. But presumably to give new acquisition Bret Hart something to do, and thumb their nose at the WWF once again, they had Sting fail to capitalize on his title shot. Which left all of us slavering WCW/NWO fans who were chomping at the bit to see Sting finally get the best of Hogan with a bitter taste in our mouths. You build up a storyline for the better part of two years just to throw it out the window? The beginning of the end for WCW. -- Submitted By: (SmoothT) on November 4, 2009, 7:10 am

Simpsons, The - TV Shows
The Simpsons were great in the early days - everyone can agree with that. A major factor was that while few topics taboo, controversial viewpoints and storylines were treated with an even hand. Not so any longer. After 2003 or so, the writers (perhaps sensing The Simpsons no longer having the cultural cache it once did), decided it was open season on conservatives. Any attempts at portraying a balanced view of story topics were thrown out the window. -- Submitted By: (SmoothT) on November 4, 2009, 6:54 am

Growing Pains - TV Shows
Hmmm... two rather snarky comments towards Cameron's faith. Maybe someone could provide evidence that Kirk was trying to influence the scripts or push the show in a different direction? It was always a fairly wholesome show ("Boner" nonwithstanding), I don't recall any drastic shift in the tone. Yeah, Mike went from being a good hearted but self-absorbed kid to a responsible adult, but isn't that how most decent people with loving parents eventually end up? -- Submitted By: (SmoothT) on November 4, 2009, 6:43 am

Futurama - TV Shows
The second DVD movie "The Beast with a Billion Backs" was definitely the low point of the series. I think the big misstep with the straight-to-DVD movies was that they were created in a way that they could later be split into 22 minute episodes, which led to some pretty jarring shifts and uneven plots. Hopefully with the upcoming season of "normal" episodes Cohen and Groening can get back to what they do best. -- Submitted By: (SmoothT) on November 4, 2009, 6:33 am

Whitesnake - Music Groups
While I voted for "Slip of the Tongue"/Steve Vai, it wouldn't have mattered if Coverdale kept John Sykes or never left the heavy blues vein of the Marsden/Moody days. Whitesnake would have been equally dead come the advent of Grunge. -- Submitted By: (SmoothT) on November 4, 2009, 6:28 am

Madonna - Music Groups
She boned the fish when her music took the backseat to marketing the Madonna brand. Wait... she's been doing that since day one. Never mind. -- Submitted By: (SmoothT) on November 4, 2009, 6:25 am

Dixie Chicks - Music Groups
I don't think the issue was so much criticizing the president, it's the fact that they didn't have the guts to do it in the US where they knew their core audience were largely Bush supporters. They took the cowardly way out and did it overseas where they knew the audience wouldn't stand up en masse and leave then and there. -- Submitted By: (SmoothT) on November 4, 2009, 6:22 am


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