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Gundam - TV Shows
To me, it was Gundam 00. A great idea, but marred with poor execution and lousy characters that got derailed a lot in terms of their traits and actions. It did, however, give me Nena Trinity (probably gonna get a lot of "Bones" for that), so the series wasn't 100% bad... just 99%. And people complain about Kira Yamato acting like a Messiah... Setsuna F. Seiei BECAME a Messiah. -- Submitted By: (JDogindy) on September 21, 2013, 10:41 am

King of the Hill - TV Shows
Underrated show as a whole, but this was a program where you enjoyed the secondary characters more than the main family (I know Dale Gribble is a lightning rod of criticism for his bizarre behavior, but he was a foil to Hank's plain-thinking mentality). Hank is this guy who wishes he was in Eisenhower's America, Bobby was one of the biggest wastes of spaces on TV until Jake Harper, and I can rag on and on about the annoyingly stupid Peggy Hill. The show also followed these following concepts for an episode: Hank is disappointed by Bobby ("dog dancing", when Bobby wants to try learning humor from a disturbed person), the whole town hates Hank (the Arlen flood, a snake disappearing into a toilet, "Racist Dawg", and when Hank moved Bobby to a different baseball legue), Hank deals with a "jackass" (the termite exterinator, the deranged man at the racetrack), Peggy-based episodes, and episodes focused around the secondary characters (Boomhauer's brother comes to town, Dale has to give up his exterminating business due to declining health, Bill takes a tank on a joyride in a bout of depression, and Kahn degenerates into the preverbial redneck he considers Hank and his friends to be). The last group were actually the best episodes because those characters grew more depth than the main family. -- Submitted By: (JDogindy) on October 12, 2011, 9:41 am

Squirrel Boy - TV Shows
Everett Peck may have had his moments with "Duckman" in the 1990s, but this was about as abyssmal a program that Cartoon Network ever came up with. For one thing, it seems that Peck worked best with adult material, as his jokes for a kid-friendly show focused around an obnoxious squirrel who has zero intellegence and even less understanding. -- Submitted By: (JDogindy) on October 12, 2011, 9:34 am

Teamo Supremo - TV Shows
Holy hell, this was the worst show Disney made for its Saturday morning lineup back when studios still made shows for that lineup. The main characters were all annoying as sin (Kid Supremeo being perversly obsessed about superheroes, Jumprope Girl being obxnoxious, and Skater Dude being Token Black Kid), and the secondary characters added more misery (Kid Supremo's sister had a whole lot of ambitions for when she grew up, and it's a shame she'll never amount to any of them). The writing was horrid, and the plot designs were too preset to work (it seems that that town has a massive budget for prison instituions, as every villain goes to a specific one for, say, robots and shapeshifters, instead of a Blackgate Penitentary-esque hovel). All in all, this is one of the reasons why I rag on cartoons the way I do. -- Submitted By: (JDogindy) on October 12, 2011, 9:31 am

Kirby: Right Back At Ya! - TV Shows
I actually liked this when I was younger. The problem with the show was, by and large, 4Kids botched the translation process, like they always do. In the original Japanese, Kirby did speak actual lines (not complete lines, as it was established that he was juvenile, but was able to communicate with several of the other characters), it had moments that rivaled the original Zero battle in the games (such as one of the secondary characters wanting to kill Meta Knight, believing his knights were responsible for her mother's death), and the show was more of a satire built upon us Yankees (there was a multi-part episode built around George W. Bush's infamous "weapons of mass destruction" search with King Dedede playing that role). Unfortunately, it was then devolved into this goofy cartoon where Kirby looked incompetent and the other characters were typecast into roles seen with many a bad cartoon done domestically. -- Submitted By: (JDogindy) on October 12, 2011, 9:25 am


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