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McDonald's Corporation (NYSE: MCD) is the world's largest chain of fast food restaurants, serving nearly 47 million customers daily.[3] McDonald's primarily sells hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken products, french fries, breakfast items, soft drinks, milkshakes, and desserts. More recently, it has begun to offer salads, wraps and fruit.

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Boned When... (Login to Submit a Reason)

1 Pandering to "urban" youth Ronald > black stereotypes
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2 They removed classic mascots They are what made McDonalds great
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3 They shrunk the Big Mac It used to be bigger
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4 McCafe conversions Enter a fast food joint, see a coffee shop inside?
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5 Day 1 Sucked from the start.
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6 Never Boned Still rocks.
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7 Mc Rib Sandwich ...Is this even real food?
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8 They changed the McNuggets Now just white meat instead of white and dark.
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9 New Menu- huh? Ok McDonalds- now you want to be Healthy?
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10 I'm Lovin it What happened to love to see you smile?
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11 Iced Coffee? WTF are you starbucks?
12 "McWorld" Commercials Far too unrealistic and implausible.
13 It became an everyday thing It's should be a treat, not a normal meal
14 Super Size Me The movie highlighted everything bad about it.
15 "Healthy" salads Has more calories than burgers
16 Exit....Stage Left Cherry Pies!
17 Fading Out Ronald McDonald Too "sophisticated" for their own mascot?
18 McPizza Showed that the Golden Arches wasn't invincible
19 No More Styrofoam Killing classics such as the McDLT
20 Super Size Me the wake-up call to the franchise
21 No more combo of the day It was a great deal! Why mess with what works?
22 Unhealthy Foods There are Better Burger Places to Go To
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McDonalds Comments (You must Login to Comment)

39 The director didn't do any exercise because he wanted to represent the amount of exercise a typical American did - which was basically trips to and from work (I think he has a slight advantage in the city actually having to walk a mile or so to and from work). He ate 3 times a day to disprove a lawsuit reasoning that you can be healthy eating McDonald's food on a regular basis. But you definitely nailed it on the head in saying it became routine rather than a treat. Two years ago, I used to eat at Burger King twice a week on the average and I honestly thought (like several Americans) that stuff wasn't that unhealthy for you. To be fair, if you did just go for the salads or visit once a month, it's not so bad. [Sorry I repeated a reason btw. Didn't think to click to view all the reasons before posting it.] -- Submitted By: (ocfernan) on October 2, 2009, 4:40 pm - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
40 The problem with Supersize Me was that the guy had McDonalds three times a day and also had little exercise. In my opinion, it was not an accurate test. Having said that, I think the problem with McDonalds and other restaurants in general is that they stopped being treats and started becoming regular meals. People used (perhaps still do) to call McDonalds and other food like it junkfood. I.e., it's bad for you which is why it's fine as a treat but not as a normal choice for meals. I think that's when McDonalds boned the Fish, when it became an every day thing rather then a treat. -- Submitted By: (ExplodingConsole) on October 2, 2009, 1:07 pm - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
41 "Super Size Me" is when it was a wake up call. I frequented Mcdonald's as a kid, dropped frequency as an adult, then stopped it after this movie. You know when something is generally bad for you, but you don't stop partaking of it until it's shown in your face? That was the effect of the movie for me. That's what led me to look at the nutritional info of its food and realize it's not the way to go if i want to eat healthy with my lifestyle. Goodbye Ronald. -- Submitted By: (ocfernan) on October 2, 2009, 6:32 am - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
42 I agree it nasty. How do people go in there and eat that garbage. Hell you can smell it clear across town in my neighborhood. During the winter when I walk by I pull my turtlenack up over my nose so I dont be gagging from the smell. McDonalds aint my kind of place. and how come the vet office so close by? I guess they be making donations. -- Submitted By: (shanequia) on September 20, 2009, 9:08 am - (3 votes) - Login to Vote
43 I voted for the "urban" advertising, but I wish I could vote for how the food tastes like turd paste and that it gives you diarrhea too. -- Submitted By: (JLer2562) on September 14, 2009, 10:13 am - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
44 i would not even work there. you can't get much lower on the job chain. -- Submitted By: (shanequia) on August 30, 2009, 10:29 am - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
45 First it was the ads trying to convince us that the people who worked there were all really winners in life who were just doing the Mickey D's thing until they became successful. Then it was the ads trying to convince us that their food somehow wasn't a national symbol of unhealthy diet anymore. Now it's the ads trying to convince us that they've somehow magically transformed into a place where highbrow coffee snobs go (since apparently being this sort of person is trendy). None of these ads succeeded in getting me to actually go inside BTW. -- Submitted By: (DolFan316) on June 11, 2009, 4:29 pm - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
46 I guess McDonald's could then opt for pitching 'McGrounds' should toney coffee go bust, Robert! But do they REALLY think the public will consider them a worthy sustitute for the local neighborhood coffeehouse where everyone knows your name (yeah, I know, not original but it works)? -- Submitted By: (Pelirojo) on May 30, 2009, 11:43 am - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
47 Mcdiet gym? -- Submitted By: (kitchenbreak) on May 30, 2009, 10:04 am - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
48 What becomes of McCafe when the coffee fad fades? -- Submitted By: (Robert) on May 30, 2009, 8:45 am - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
49 The McCafe is a new way of McDonald's reinventing itself, not a fish boning. -- Submitted By: (MCS) on May 29, 2009, 8:52 pm - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
50 McDumpster's is and always has been awful, though I have to agree with the general feeling here that they really boned when they got rid of the mascots and replaced them with these awful attempts at reaching out to the "urban" demographic. -- Submitted By: (neo11) on May 15, 2009, 3:21 pm - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
51 I visited a McDonald's I haven't been to in a while. It was gone. In its place was a McCafe. It looks like McDonald's bought a Starbucks restaurant, transported it to where the McDonald's restaurant once sat, and filled it with McDonald's logos. W...T...F?! -- Submitted By: (Robert) on May 13, 2009, 2:06 pm - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
52 hee hee! these comments are great! I like Mcdonalds food -their hamburgers and fries are my favorites. but I agree 100% with these comments about the current advertising. I also grew up with the really cool mascots (ie. Ronald McDonald, the Hamburgler, and Grimace and the others) in the ads all the time. and I kind of miss them too. I don't know what it is about these new ads of theirs, I can't even figure them out half the time. oh well. -- Submitted By: (Riley2009) on May 13, 2009, 12:22 pm - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
53 They changed their chicken sandwiches to chicken selects sandwiches. -- Submitted By: (FlxibleMetro9150) on May 10, 2009, 8:52 pm - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
54 I agree with everything said below me. The commercials are pandering, and just stupid. The slogans don't even make sense anymore: "It's who I am and what I do?" What the hell does that have to do with fast food. My least favorite one is the one where the stupid looking black girl does karate during the commercial, as though McDonalds helps her get through karate practice. Anyone who actually does anything requiring physical fitness knows that that is a lie, eat anything from McDonalds, and you'll be too busy taking a dump to do any strenuous physical activity. Boned the fish...then put it on the menu. -- Submitted By: (castaghast) on May 9, 2009, 12:07 pm - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
55 I give a BTF comment trophy to the three comments below me. -- Submitted By: (kitchenbreak) on May 8, 2009, 4:06 pm - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
56 Bring back the characters we grew up with and dump this lame "I'm lovin' it" campaign! We've put up with the idiotic "Buh buh buh buh buh, I'm lovin' it!" for way too long! -- Submitted By: (Robert) on May 8, 2009, 12:16 pm - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
57 They definitely boned when they removed their mascots, like Grimace, Hamburglar, etc. And as for good old Ronald McDonald, they don't give him much airtime anymore. It's sad to see that this happened and that it was replaced by all this Negro hip hop crap that's only enjoyed by morons. -- Submitted By: (Marcus) on May 8, 2009, 7:13 am - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
58 You know, I hadnt noticed that the classic characters have been eliminated in favor of the hip hop/ urban branding of McDonalds. Definitely a BTF move, I'm NOT loving it. -- Submitted By: (Chubby Rain) on May 8, 2009, 5:38 am - (0 votes) - Login to Vote

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