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The adventures of the famous green "clayboy", created by clay scupltor Art Clokey in 1955 for the 1956 "Howdy Doody" show's segment, originally as a very kid like [and very chunky] character. After a few episodes Pokey, the orange "skinned" black maned and tailed pony, was added as a sidekick with the villianous Blockheads, in the 1956 episode "The Block Heads" [not to be confused with the 1930s Laurel and Hardy shorts classic.]. In this early form a secretary or teasurer as variously I'D, Ruth Eggleston, was GUmby's voice. Art Clokey did Pokey through 1957.. By mid 1957 Gumby finally evolved into a late pre-teen, no longer talking like a "child", and rapidly got redesigned. By this time he'd gotten his own show, hosted by "Howdy" Clarabelle Clown, Pinky Lee, and Scotty McKee, but then with Pokey went off on his own, into reruns till 1961 when a new series by Clokey, now having been since 1959 making "Davey and Goliath" shows, producing new episodes. Dal McKennon [1919-2009] started doing the voices for the show.. Now the characters were more fullly devloped, with Gumby being about 13-14. For whatever reason the villianous Blockheads were discontinued. Show went from being all clay to using Davey like dolls. Through all this the background music was from Jack Shaindlin/Langlois-FilmMusic/Cinemusic [its current name today], Capitol/OGM/Seely, formed by Ken Nelson and John Seely both of Capitol [Nelson became one of Stan Freberg's Capitol producers], Sam Fox, Music for Television, and a few others. Composers included Al Laszlo, Henry Russell, John Seely, Bill Loose, David Rose, Phil Green, Bob McBride, Rick DuPage, Jack Shaindlin, Emil Cadkin, Jack Meakin, Mahlon Merrick, Ib Glindemann, Ole Georg, Jack Cookerly,George Hormel, Spencer Moore, Raoul Krausshar, Lou E.DeFrancesco, Harry Bluestone, George Hormel, Dave Kahn, and Clarence WHeeler [known outside because of his credits on the Walter Lantz "Cartunes" of the era.] By 1966 yet another series, which many on the old "Jump the Shark.com" site have cited as shark bait, with yellow dino Prickle [at times a voice dead ringer for 1920s-30s radio/movie comic actor Ned Sparks, often caricatured in old Warner Bros.cartoons, the one with the sourpuss look and long cigarette holder, and imitated in Total Television Productions's "Tennessee Tuxedo" show as Baldy the eagle] and blue fish or mermaid "Goo", Gumby's official girlfriend. More characters also added, Professor Kapp the scintist, and Nopey the little puppy who always said "No!" [one trick-puppy as it were, to coin the phrase.]. Gumby and Goo now handled by Norma MacMillan. Dal MCKennon continues as Pokey, though Prickle's voices are still unclear [he had several]. Even the Stock music seismically changed to Selected Sound and te neewwer upated John Seely [who'd retired aorund 1965], now Ole Georg libraries. Gumby's Parents Gumba and Gumbo appeared in the first batch, hardly at all after. By the 1970s, Gumby had more or less been forgotten but Art Clokey after visiting the middle East reluanched reruns, and a new 1980s series [very sadly doing a "Clueless/Emma" like makeover for legal reasons of the old stock cues so often licensed to different shows, prior of the cult following a lot of these have gotten recently!] as well many unpopular changes listed below.

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1 Gumby (and I am the one that submitted this) boned in 1984-88 when Clokey made those new episodes, re-scored due to payment issues over the stock cues (even though for about ANOTHER DECADE or so they were still available, scale price and stuff notwithstanding). In addition to this: 1) music replaced not even by similiar music or such used on the new episodes but replaced by baby like synth music 2) HORRIBLE, slicked up designs for Pokey (my namesake.) and redseign of Gumby and Goo, unneccesary character additions (and the 1992 movie, released a few years later, only made this worse) Some may say that the 1967 addition of the "nope" Nopey a "Cousin Oliver" type character. Others may say it for Professor Kapp, Prickle dinosaur (whose appearance in the earlier 80s merchandising, predating the abovementioned soundtrack redo, MUST Have reflected the new dinosaur craze!) and little blue Goo, that these wrecked the series way back in 1966. I actually like these... Gumby's eyes changing in 1957 to the flat ones was the big change, though Gumby and Pokey had some recasting (Art Clokey thru 1957, then 1962-68 Dal McKennon), and Gumby had LOTS of Same Character, Different actor case (from the old Scottish Site, Jump the Shark's vernacular).-McKennon was one who played Gumby in 1962-66 then Norma MacMillan, whose daughter is ALLISON ARNGRIN, b----ch Nellie Olsen from Little House...so not just Nellie but her actress's mom did something mean, Norma MacMillan in this case, in replacing someone as Gumby (Just joking about Ms.MacMillian being "mean). For some reason, the second version in 1960-62 didn't have the villainous Blockheads (aptly named and with right head shapes with G on one "block"-head, and J on the other, neither talking) but in 1967 they returned.. Anyway, I widely preferred the original to the later ones...made in 1987-92.. (the following from the old "Scottish Site" with my comments added) (quote) Remember when Gumby's voice was "girlishly high"...(of the remake) when Gumby was a "teen"..in a squeaky-clean format (unqote here) Gumby as a "teen" started in 1961 to take hold ("Hot rod Granny", right down to the "groovy" stock music which was unqiue to this episode), and the format always applied....so it's kind of redundant.. (quote) Remember those early episodes? (unquote here) Absoulely I do..and I did put information like the music and some other things in the old Jump the shark entry for this.. -- Submitted By: (PokeyJHorse) on August 16, 2015, 2:41 pm - (0 votes) - Login to Vote

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