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Island nation a mile off the southernmost point of the Malay Peninsula between Malaysia and Indonesia barely 1 degree north of the Equator at a strategic point between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. This small nation boasts four official languages [English, Mandarin Chinese, Malaysian and Tamil Indian] and one of the busiest ports anywhere. If one wants to see a microcosm of Asia without having to go to all the differing countries [and having to learn non-English languages], this would be the site possible to do it. Singapore boasts a phenomenal selection of eateries ranging from market stands to full scale restaurants of mainly with Asian cuisines but also European cuisines and North American chains are easily found here. With its history of a one-time obscure Malaysian fishing village transformed into a bustling hub of the British Empire to having many of its populace pay the ultimate price during the Battle of Singapore and the rest of World War II to becoming an independent nation which has thrived in spite of its small size and tensions with Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. there is a great deal for historians and tourists to see and do here! Though some of its laws seem incredibly strict [e.g. no chewing gum without prescription in order to keep the new metro transit system as spotless as possible] and one must embrace the possibility of frequent tropical rainstorms, there is something here for almost everyone willing to look. So does Singapore bone the fish or just have to crack the shells of its trademark spicy [Chinese style] Chili Crab dish?

Wikipedia Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singapore
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