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TV Shows - Outrageous Fortune

A New Zealand-made show that ran from 2005-2010 on the country's channel of TV3. The basic storyline of the series revolved around the West family living in Auckland. When the father Wolfgang (played by Grant Bowler) is sent to prison, the mother Cheryl (played by Robyn Malcolm) decides that the family needs to abide by the law with each one having varying degrees of walking the fine line between right and wrong according to their own values as well as budding and furtherly developed relationships with the growing cast of characters. Throughout its six-season run, it won many different awards and has had international adaptations, albeit less successful. Akin to its title, Outrageous Fortune utilises Shakespearian quotes as titles for the episodes.

Wikipedia Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outrageous_Fortune_%28TV_series%29
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