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Mr Cranky, a satirical film critic, was created in 1995 by Jason Katzman and Hans Bjordahl. The Cranky personae premises that all movies are terrible at issue, solely, is the severity of pain, insult, discomfort or idiocy projected, injected, ingested, subjected or otherwise presented. There are no good films in the Cranky pantheon only films which inflict greater or lesser suffering. Subtextually, the Mr. Cranky website is a comment on an uncritical film-reviewing culture. In contrast to boilerplate, overly effusive reviews often including declarations that incorporate a film's theme or title in a pun or play on words the Cranky review is received on the originality of its portrayal of physical suffering and mental anguish effected by the viewing experience. The movies are rated on a six-step scale, with the least worst film receiving one bomb. Films that cause greater suffering receive additional bombs. Movies deemed particularly offensive receive a Dynamite or Boomstick rating. The worst films, those Cranky has marked as irredeemable, Proof that Jesus died in vain in classic Cranky vernacular receive the Animated Atomic Explosion or Kaboom rating.

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