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TV Shows - Lazer Tag Academy

Lazer Tag Academy was an Animated television series inspired by Worlds of Wonder's Lazer Tag (their branded version of the pursuit game referred to generically as "laser tag") that was created by Ruby-Spears Productions. The premise of the show is Jamie Jaren, the Lazer Tag Champion of that era traveled back in time from the year 3010 to the 1980s to help her ancestors, teenagers Tom and Beth and toddler Nicky. The kids needed protection from another futuristic being, an evil relative of Jamie's named Draxon Drear who was unwittingly revived from suspended animation by Professor Olanga after he ended up in that state following a spaceship hijacking accident that caused the spaceship to crash into the Atlantic Ocean and was kept in suspended animation due to the gas that was accidentally set off. Draxon led a group of genetically engineered werewolf-like beings called Skugs who were also in suspended animation from the same accident when one of the Skugs ended up setting off the suspended animation gas. The Skugs were genetically engineered to serve man 75 years ago, but didn't work out well and eventually came into the services of Draxon Drear.

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