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TV Shows - Danny Thomas Show, The (Make Room For Daddy)

Thomas played Danny Williams, a successful comedian and nightclub entertainer. Jean Hagen played his serious and loving wife Margaret, Sherry Jackson their daughter Terry, and Rusty Hamer their son Rusty. The show's premise dealt with Danny rarely having time to spent with his family and Margaret dealing with the children on her own. Margaret often felt neglected by her husband and on several occasions felt like leaving him. Margaret was a society woman and strict with the children but loved her family. Louise Beavers made several appearances during this era as the Williams' maid, Louise Evans, and often found herself at odds with Danny and sided with Margaret in most fights between the couple. Nana Bryant appeared often as Margaret's kind mother, who Danny and the children were fond of; but Margaret, who had been raised by her aunt and uncle because of her mother being away on stage tours often, was not as warm towards her mother. Bryant died in late 1955 and her character simply stopped appearing. During 1955, Louise Beavers became ill and Amanda Randolph took over the role of Louise.

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1 It was okay but I never got why after the previously widowed parents Danny and Kathy married each other, her daughter called him Daddy from Day One while his kids never stopped calling her Kathy (not Mom or any variation). I always thought that was rather lopsidedly disrepectful towards their new mother figure which even the Brady Bunch wouldn't have stood for. Of course, the later years with the showbiz (and singing) increasingly dominating the action- and one of the most awkward adolescences ever broadcast (Rusty's) made the show tough to watch towards the end (and I say this as someone who saw it on Nick at Nite back in the 80's NOT someone who'd followed it all 11 seasons when it was on). -- Submitted By: (Pelirojo) on September 15, 2010, 4:45 pm - (0 votes) - Login to Vote

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