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Celebrities - Buzz Aldrin

Lunar module pilot of Apollo 11 and 2nd man to walk on the moon, after Neil Armstrong in 1969.

Wikipedia Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buzz_Aldrin
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1 Never Boned Still rocks.
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2 Dancing with the Stars Tarnished Legacy
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3 2010 WWE Promotion With the ring name of Rocket Hero
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4 Day 1 Sucked from the start.
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Buzz Aldrin Comments (You must Login to Comment)

1 Buzz appeared in the recent Japanese film "Space Brothers"! He's not a great actor (proving the Moon Landings were 100% real), but it was still a really sweet and touching scene. I wish he'd pick his projects better and do more like this one. Unboned! -- Submitted By: (Travoltron) on January 13, 2013, 5:31 pm - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
2 Can't say I blame him. Someone calls you a fraud then gets confrontational, I doubt even a saint could resist the urge. -- Submitted By: (Robert) on October 3, 2010, 10:43 am - (1 votes) - Login to Vote
3 Aside from the '69 moon landing, another time Aldrin rocked was when he socked that moon-landing denier who was getting real confrontational with him. Since then, I daresay it's been downhill for Aldrin. -- Submitted By: (BigAl) on October 2, 2010, 5:17 pm - (1 votes) - Login to Vote
4 And appearing last week on WWE programming, obviously drunk out of his mind. What the hell is happening with him?!? -- Submitted By: (PYLrulz) on May 26, 2010, 4:19 am - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
5 Praising Obama's cuts to NASA? Isn't that like praising someone for biting the hand that fed you? -- Submitted By: (Robert) on April 15, 2010, 7:50 pm - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
6 Okay, Dancing With The Has Been Pseudo Stars" was bad enough, but sucking up to Obama for making cuts to NASA is just WRONG. Buzz Aldrin, you SUCK!!! -- Submitted By: (DolFan316) on April 15, 2010, 7:41 pm - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
7 It's not getting the press because of that Dancing With The Stars garbage, but he also went against his fellow astronauts Neil Armstrong, Jim Lovell, and Gene Cernanand by praising Obama's cuts to NASA. Obama rewarded him with a flight on Air Force One today. http://www.cnn.com/2010/POLITICS/04/15/buzz.aldrin.obama/ -- Submitted By: (Travoltron) on April 15, 2010, 12:21 pm - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
8 Buzz Aldrin's appearance on "Dancing With The Has Been/Never Were Stars" is to me the nadir of the whole "senior citizens suddenly trying to act like they're 21 again" craze. It's bad enough I have to be bombarded with ED drug ads aimed for these people and rock bands around before I was born still milking the cash cow, but now THIS??? Buzz Aldrin comes out of the woodwork after 40 years for THIS??? -- Submitted By: (DolFan316) on April 14, 2010, 10:23 pm - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
9 Well, it would take a lot for a man like Buzz Aldrin to bone the fish, but he really disrespected himself by going onto a crappy show like DWTS. He danced with the fish, but didn't bone it. -- Submitted By: (Robert) on April 13, 2010, 1:55 pm - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
10 BrewMaster, that makes no sense. The point of him boning is because Dancing with the Stars is for washed-up, has-beens, not great scientists. That would be like Einstein doing that if he were alive. -- Submitted By: (MCS) on April 10, 2010, 11:22 pm - (1 votes) - Login to Vote
11 Anyone who voted "Boned" for DWTS...Have YOU walked on the moon? Alright then...Shut Up -- Submitted By: (BrewMaster) on April 10, 2010, 2:25 pm - (-2 votes) - Login to Vote
12 He shouldn't have gone on Dancing with the Stars. -- Submitted By: (Robert) on April 6, 2010, 2:44 pm - (1 votes) - Login to Vote
13 I wouldn't think an astronaut could bone the fish, but the minute he agreed to be on Dancing with the Stars, my respect for him was gone. That show is for lousy, has-been celebrities, not for people who have contributed to science. -- Submitted By: (MCS) on April 5, 2010, 12:40 pm - (1 votes) - Login to Vote
14 Hell, if I went up to the moon in what pretty much amounted to nothing more than a tin can (at least by today's standards), I think anyone has a right to be cocky. -- Submitted By: (PYLrulz) on April 4, 2010, 9:41 pm - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
15 Never boned. I always admired Aldrin, even more than Armstrong. -- Submitted By: (AndyC) on April 3, 2010, 11:50 am - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
16 Ol Buzz Lightyear could never tarnish his legacy by being on DWTS! He's got a reputation for being arrogant and cocky; but then again, most astronauts are. -- Submitted By: (Stephanie) on April 2, 2010, 10:02 am - (0 votes) - Login to Vote

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