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Movie Series - Walking Tall (2000s)

The Walking Tall remake series appeared in the 2000s and consists of three movies. The first movie, Walking Tall, was released to theatres in 2004 and starred Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as the Buford Pusser character, now named Chris Vaughn. Vaughn is a former U.S. Army Special Forces sergeant who returns to his hometown, finds it full of crime and corruption, successfully runs for sheriff, and begins a one-man clean-up effort, very similar to Buford Pusser in the original series. In an intentional homage to the real-life Pusser, the movie mentions a previous sheriff (who had served before the one Vaughn defeats in the election) who died in a mysterious car crash, which was how Pusser died in real life. The two sequels, Walking Tall: The Payback and Walking Tall: Lone Justice, were direct-to-video releases and both of them came out in 2007. They starred Kevin Sorbo as Nick Prescott, son of the previous sheriff who died in the mysterious car crash. In the second movie (The Payback), Prescott returns to town following his father's death and assumes the sheriff role to bring his father's murderers to justice, with some help from FBI Agent Kate Jensen. In the third movie (Lone Justice), Prescott retires as sheriff and moves to Dallas to begin a new life with Kate and her daughter, and is forced back to action when an imprisoned drug lord's gangsters threaten Kate.

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