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TV Shows - Zentrix

Zentrix is a CGI Chinese TV series. Set in Zentrix City, the Emperor Jarad creates a supercomputer named OmnicronPsy, who revolts. Emperor Jarad and his fellow scientist decide to go back in time to shut down his six Zentrium chips in order to prevent him from revolting, but Jarad first builds two robots: Zeus and Quantum, the former chosen to guard his daughter Princess Megan. When she notices her father is missing, she enters his study and learns of the time machine. At this time, OmnicronPsy has sent two robots to kill her. They open fire which damages the machine, and Megan is sent back in time, with her body transformed into that of an 8-year old. When OmnicronPsy's forces go back in time to complete their mission to kill her, Megan goes on a search for the six Zentrium chips.

Wikipedia Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zentrix
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