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Movie Series - Open Season

Open Season is a 2006 CGI movie. It starred the voices of Martin Lawrence, Ashton Kutcher, Debra Messing, Gary Sinise, Patrick Warburton, Billy Connolly, and Danny Mann. Martin Lawrence voices Boog, a grizzly bear who has been raised by the park ranger Beth (Messing) since he was a cub. He meets the mule deer Elliot (Kutcher) and they wind up causing trouble. Beth is forced to leave them in the Timberline National Forest, 3 days before the start of the hunting season. Open Season 2 was a 2009 direct-to-video release.

Wikipedia Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Season_(film)
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1 Before this was released, the trailers made it look so funny and exciting. I went to see this anticipating an awesome movie. What a disappointment! It was so boring I barely even remember anything about it! -- Submitted By: (TomPettyFan) on June 4, 2018, 1:18 am - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
2 I was at the store and found a DVD for "Open Season 3." I didn't even know there was a second one. -- Submitted By: (cartooner) on July 30, 2011, 6:38 pm - (1 votes) - Login to Vote
3 I'd give that a pass, as its a kids movie, but the rest of it in general... what garbage -_- -- Submitted By: (PYLrulz) on March 21, 2010, 10:53 pm - (1 votes) - Login to Vote
4 The deer points to his antlers: one is short, one is long, and says, "I'm a doe, I'm a buck, I'm a duck!" It's definitely one of the worst jokes I've ever heard. -- Submitted By: (Robert) on March 20, 2010, 11:52 am - (1 votes) - Login to Vote

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