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Movie Series - Laurel and Hardy

Starting in 1926 in Hal Roach short subjects (the same studio that made "Little Rascals"), this duo randomly thrown together proved to be comedy gold with Stan Laurel (1890-1965), the tall,skinny high-strung character often getting the goat of the grandstanding, very obese Oliver Hardy (1892-1957) while finding themselves pitted against the world at large! At first, they were colleagues and nothing more but soon they became best friends and the chemistry proved a boon to the series- as did advent of talking pictures which highlighted Stan's irrepresible working class English accent with Ollie's bombastic Georgia drawl. Sometimes one or both of the characters were married (onscreen). Sometimes, they lived in separate houses. Other times one was living on the other's charity (usually Stan). While other times they simply were vagabonds on their own but having each other. Regardless, they ALWAYS played characters named Stan and Ollie in these movies which soon went from short subjects to feature length productions. Unfortunately, the comedy wasn't quite as intense or keyed up in the feature films and some of the desperate edge was lost. Then, too, the 'boys' started to noticably age so that seeing them falling off ladders or having stuff crush their heads actually got the audience to worry instead of laugh. And the scripts weren't always the best. Most fans agree that their worst collaboration had to do with their last one "Atoll K" [AKA "Utopia"] in which they get stuck on a little boat with a bunch of bores while trying to collect an inheritance on an island- and the bores all spoke French (or badly dubbed English) so their interaction was even more strained. Worse still was that Stan was not just skinny but looked downright ghastly and emaciated here. A sad end note to the series but not as sad as the day Ollie died and a brokenhearted Stan refused to go to his funeral because "Babe would understand" and moreover Stan refused to perform again.

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1 I defy anyone to watch this series and not see where "Gilligan's Island" got a good part of its inspiration from! -- Submitted By: (Pelirojo) on December 20, 2009, 5:09 pm - (1 votes) - Login to Vote

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