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Movie Series - Bruce Almighty

Bruce Almighty was a 2003 comedy film starring Jim Carrey as Bruce and Morgan Freeman as God. When an unlucky Bruce complains to God about treating him unfairly, God bestows upon Bruce his divine powers to see who is better suited for the job. The second movie, Evan Almighty, was released in 2007. It stars Steve Carrell as Evan, who, like Noah from the Bible, must build an ark to save animals from an upcoming flood, by the order of God.

Wikipedia Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Almighty
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1 Evan Almighty P-E-A-Utrid
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2 Never Boned Still rocks.
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3 Day 1 Sucked from the start.
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Bruce Almighty Comments (You must Login to Comment)

1 Bruce Almighty I liked. Evan Almighty, while it had its moments, was not very good. -- Submitted By: (Jp) on March 6, 2012, 3:54 pm - (1 votes) - Login to Vote
2 Admittedly not Jim Carrey's finest but still better than "Yes Man" or "Truman Show" or his dramatic side. -- Submitted By: (lrbloom) on February 25, 2011, 6:57 am - (0 votes) - Login to Vote

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