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Celebrities - Jimmy Kimmel

James Christian "Jimmy" Kimmel (born November 13, 1967) is an American television host and comedian. Before his current position as host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC, Kimmel was well-known as co-host of Comedy Central's The Man Show. Kimmel is also a successful television producer, with popular shows including Crank Yankers and The Andy Milonakis Show to his credit.

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1 Sarah Silverman date break up date break up
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2 Day 1 Sucked from the start.
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3 Never Boned Still rocks.
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Jimmy Kimmel Comments (You must Login to Comment)

1 His "comedy" is a hybrid of typical modern age snarkyness mixed with 6th grad potty humor. He is at his best as a second banana or sidekick ("Win Ben Stein's Money, "The Man Show). He doesn't have enough talent to have a stage all to himself. -- Submitted By: (kingbk) on May 24, 2010, 9:16 pm - (1 votes) - Login to Vote
2 his show sucks and he is god awful -- Submitted By: (thedude19766) on May 24, 2010, 1:11 pm - (1 votes) - Login to Vote
3 Kimmel worked when telling masturbation jokes and making fun of Oprah on The Man Show. Whoever thought this guy could do late night must have been high. -- Submitted By: (BrianBuck) on January 15, 2010, 8:22 pm - (1 votes) - Login to Vote
4 Did he break up with Sarah Silverman because even he thought she was too gross, nasty and unfunny or did she break up with him for those reasons? Maybe they revolted each other in the end. -- Submitted By: (Pelirojo) on March 23, 2009, 7:00 am - (2 votes) - Login to Vote

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