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The International House of Pancakes (IHOP) is a United States-based restaurant chain that specializes in breakfast foods and is owned by DineEquity. While IHOP's focus is on breakfast foods such as pancakes, waffles, French toast, omelettes, and blintzes, it has evolved into also offering a menu of full course meals and a variety of desserts. As of December 31, 2008, the chain had 1396 restaurants in 49 states, Canada and Mexico. With the March 24, 2009 opening of a restaurant at the University Mall in South Burlington, Vermont, IHOP now has restaurants in all 50 states. Currently, there is an IHOP planned to be built in Puerto Rico. 11 are corporate-owned; 157 are operated under area licenses.

Wikipedia Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IHOP
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1 Never Boned Still rocks.
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2 Merge with Applebee's Get lunch and dinner at a breakfast house?
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3 Day 1 Sucked from the start.
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4 Upselling "How much can we tack on to that bill?"
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1 No wonder the waitress was so perky the last time I was there...as DolFan said..LOL. Flipper that was funny. -- Submitted By: (PokeyJHorse) on August 18, 2018, 12:54 pm - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
2 I never thought I'd say this but...PREACH IT, SOGGY!!! :-D -- Submitted By: (DolFan316) on April 29, 2011, 7:18 pm - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
3 What the execs are too dumb to understand is that a workplace in which upselling is aggressively encouraged will communicate the clear message to a customer that he or she is viewed by the company as nothing more than a walking wallet. And on the planet where I live - which is clearly a different planet than these execs reside on - your average customer doesn't appreciate getting that message. -- Submitted By: (Soggy9000) on April 28, 2011, 2:34 am - (2 votes) - Login to Vote
4 As a footnote I just want to say that I understand what "Soggy9000" said about the employees. I had been an employee of Comcast Cable TV in California which was purchased by Time Warner Cable about 2006. When the company was Comcast there was a monthly employees evaluation which consisted of a supervisor listening making sure you said "Please and thank you, etc." The quality assurance department for Comcast double-checked the math of the CSRs instead waisting time on frivolous things. Within months after Time Warner's takeover, the CSR's (customer service reps) were being ridden by staff to upsell products and also inform customers at the end of each call of an "automated customer survey" call that the customer "may" recieve within the next "24 to 48 hours". Most customers hung up before you finished telling them about the survey. Others requested that they not be bothered by surveys that always came after the call when they were busy. Other companies have an automated system that allows the customer to choose whether of not to participate in a short survey afterwards -"press one for yes, two for no" - but this is TWC and we can't have anything that would save time and make sense. The survey consists of three questions of "on a scale of one to ten" "blah blah blah" and is nothing more than an excuse to bitch at the CSR's. During our monthly evaluations, TWC informs employees of the results of the "automated" survey. Most customers hadn't bothered to participate. There was a part of the "automated" survey that left room for a customer to leave a recorded messages. Most of the messages said that the CSR's weren't really an issue with TWC, but the crappy product was. TWC's policy was that if we didn't recieve a certain average on our "automated customer surveys" you could kiss your job goodbye. We were told that someone higher up wanted things done and that was it. Suddenly, the employees are being buried under surveys, pointless statistics and upselling and reading some robotic script to already irritated customers who become even more irritated. Meaningless statistics and surveys replace common sense. CSR's could actually be penalized for scheduling service appointments for customers because of the cost to the company as well as transferring too many calls to the supervsiors. I wound up losing my job because of this despite winning employee of the month and having almost perfect attendance. This is why I never complained about the service at IHOP or the bank or any place else where that uses CSR's in some form or another. I know only too well what is at stake. -- Submitted By: (lrbloom) on April 6, 2011, 10:53 pm - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
5 I noticed that same thing about IHOP. I happen to live near one. I can't complain about the food but I was always careful to ask if there was any charge for something every time it was offered. There had been a few times when I had ordered breakfast there and would be stunned by the bill when I lefet because someone had not explained to me that there was a charge for all of these little appetizers. -- Submitted By: (lrbloom) on April 6, 2011, 9:23 pm - (0 votes) - Login to Vote
6 No wonder the waitress was so perky the last time I was there. And I'm not talking about her chest. (Rim shot.) But seriously, this is a problem everywhere. At least for me. It's almost impossible for me to walk into any store or restaurant and buy anything without the employees trying their best to sell me something else on top of that. I realize they're just following orders and it STILL angers me. -- Submitted By: (DolFan316) on April 6, 2011, 7:46 pm - (1 votes) - Login to Vote
7 IHOP started to go south when the company began pressuring its waitresses - whose job is already tough enough - to sell gift cards and beg diners to participate in online reviews of their performance. As is the case with so many other corporations, the stupid execs need to quit riding the workers in the trenches (and to allow me to eat my French toast in peace). -- Submitted By: (Soggy9000) on April 6, 2011, 2:22 am - (1 votes) - Login to Vote

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